Monday, August 6, 2012

Just Another Martian Monday

You know, if I had more on the ball, I would have recognized today's Mars Curiosity Rover landing with a full review of the 1980 television miniseries, The Martian Chronicles, based on the book by Ray Bradbury, with a screenplay by Richard Matheson, directed by Logan's Run's Michael Anderson. But I was, frankly, clueless as usual.

Instead - here are links to the two previous posts I've done on the telefilm (which I actually like a great deal, by the way), and will try to to re-watch the DVD (pictured above) and get a review posted here soon.

The Martian Chronicles (1980) Posters

The Martian Chronicles (1980) TV Guide Ads

You can buy the DVD here (cheap!):  The Martian Chronicles


  1. I didn't see this the first time around because I wasn't quite 10 when it came on. I believe they showed it again in maybe 82 or 83 and I saw it then. I remember enjoying it or at least the earlier parts before all the people settled in colonies. Then I read the book a few years later. When I watch the movie now all I can notice is how poor of an adaption it is. I still like the rockets, the martian weapons and some of the settings.

  2. It's awfully cheesy and there are some strange adaptations, but it was memorable. After it originally aired, a lot of rebroadcasts, as well as the VHS and DVD releases, invariably left some sequences out (though, granted, they were not necessarily the best). I got the full unedited 1995 VHS copy at some point (since no full DVD version was available) and didn't regret it.