Wednesday, August 22, 2012

News: BUCK ROGERS (1979-1981) Season 2 DVDs Available In November

Universal Home Entertainment has just announced that they will be re-releasing the second year of Buck Rogers In The 25th Century as a single-season DVD set in November. As with the re-issue of Season 1 back in January, these appear to be identical to the discs released in The Complete Epic Series set back in 2004 - only rather more expensive.

Buck Rogers In The 25th Century: Season Two will contain all 11 episodes (13 hours) on four discs, presented in full screen video, English mono sound, and with subtitles in English, French and Spanish - at a suggested retail price of $24.98.

Amazon currently has it available for pre-order at $17.49 + shipping. (The Complete Epic Series is still available new, by the way, containing both seasons, for roughly the same amount of $17.55. Go figure.)

Pre-Order: Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: Season Two

Buy: Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: The Complete Epic Series


  1. I still find it disappointing that Universal aren't releasing any kind of special features on the BR25C discs.
    Interviews with Larson, Gerard and Gray would be great, as well as deleted scenes from the episodes. Maybe a retrospective on the origins and history of the iconic Buck Rogers character in all the different mediums he's appeared in over the decades. Plus both versions of the original pilot/theatrical movie.
    One day, this great series might get the release it deserves.

  2. This Universal re-release makes no sense? its the same video and audio as the 2004 Box set and not extras either and over priced .keep your mony folks!