Saturday, November 21, 2009

Space Babe: Dorothy Stratten

Dorothy Stratten as the titular character from Galaxina. Since I wrote about the sci-fi spoof earlier this week, it seemed appropriate to spotlight its late star, the lovely Dorothy Stratten, as this week's "Space Babe." In addition to her role in the 1980 film, she also appeared on an episode of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century as a futuristic beauty queen.

Stratten was Playboy magazine's "Playmate of the Year" for 1980, and was just starting a career as a film actress when she was tragically murdered by her estranged husband shortly before the release of Galaxina. The story of her life and death was actually filmed twice, once as a TV movie starring Jamie Lee Curtis, and as a theatrical film starring Muriel Hemingway.

Dorothy Stratten Tribute site.


  1. Hi Chris. Came across this site quite by chance while trying to find a picture of the lovely Dorothy as Miss Cosmos in Buck Rogers. It was the first Buck Rogers episode I ever saw (1979 in Chicago; we didn't have Buck in the UK then). I didn't catch Galaxina until many years later. Dorothy was taken from us far too young. Good luck with the site; we need more nostalgia! (Shameless plug: my fanzine "reviews from the floor of 64" is a similar misty eyed return to the comics of the 1960s - anyone who read them will know where the title comes from.) Keep up the good work. How about something on one of my favourites, the very short lived Fantastic Journey (I think that's what it was called - Jared Martin, Roddy McDowell, a cat, and some other characters, lost in the Bermuda Triangle); loved that show. Paul Ware.


    Galaxina worth only by the presence of Dorothy Stratten! So special, so young, so pure, so innocent! And her stunning physical beauty : as beautiful as she was, she was an even sweeter person! Dorothy Stratten had real talent and magnetism and this is evident even when she had a weak material to work, as the script of Galaxina : she still had the subtlety of the look and the body movements ( his body was his art )! Dorothy Stratten was incredibly better than any of his films: she was a superb actress!

    ( Adriano Miranda- Franca-SP-Brazil - Film Historian and Professor )