Wednesday, November 18, 2009

STAR TREK (1973)

The new Star Trek movie came out on DVD and Blu-Ray yesterday, and that's cool, and all. I like it fine, but it's not the real Star Trek. Actually, to me, The Original Series really isn't, either. The 1973 Saturday morning cartoon version of Star Trek was probably the very first Trek I ever saw, and that's why it'll always be the real Trek for me. I was eight years old, and I don't believe I ever missed an episode.

Not only did this show spur a voracious appetite for more Star Trek (further fed by James Blish and Alan Dean Foster Trek prose adaptations in paperback, Gold Key comics and the Christmas gift of Bjo Trimble's Trek Concordance long before I ever saw the original live-action series), but it ignited a general fascination for spacebound science fiction and a life-long love of Filmation cartoons as well.

You know, I still really dig this theme music....


  1. Well, I started with TOS myself. Cartoon Trek was fun, in a way, and as I've said, we weren't too picky about our SF in the day. It was few and far between, and we were damn grateful! (Kids today.) But since Shatner (for instance) was speaking his lines into a portable tape recorder while doing other things, his acting left something to be desired.

    Oh, and I read Blish and Foster books voraciously.

  2. I had just discovered Trek when the animated series came out, and it was so exciting to have new episodes! I saw many of the cartoons well before I ever saw many of the original show. Good memories of it! I read all the Blish and Foster books also, they were my most treasured possesions.

  3. With many of the same writers and actors, I am one of those who consider this the 4th season of Trek TOS.