Monday, June 6, 2011

Captain's bLog 0606.11

    I expect reader traffic here to slow down this week, because posting is likely to be comparatively light. I have a lot of other writing work to catch up on after a couple of months of illness-diminished productivity, including a couple of comic book scripts and short stories. I do plan to be making daily posts at my DVD Late Show website, however, and some of those reviews are likely to be of some interest to Space: 1970 readers. If I actually manage to get caught up with my other writing, posting here will obviously increase. I have a number of blog posts in various stages of completion, and will complete and post them as time allows.

   No new Space: 1970-type purchases since the last "Captain's bLog" update, but I have made my way through the complete second season of The Bionic Woman on DVD. And while I hadn't encountered any grievous audio problems when I last wrote about my purchase, I now understand where the online complaints are coming from. On a couple of episodes - most notably, the first part of "Deadly Ringer, Part One" - there are severe problems with the sound. But, I don't understand the cries for boycotting the release - out of all the hours of entertainment in the set, you're not going to buy it because of intermittent sound problem on a couple of episodes? If Universal had failed to provide subtitles, I might see it, but otherwise...

Anyway, my full review will be posted at my DVD Late Show site shortly.

     I'm mostly encouraged by the response to the 'pilot episode" of the Space: 1970 podcast, and I'm pretty sure I'll be doing more, though not on any fixed schedule. For those who thought there was too much music, I apologize, but that won't change, probably. First, I like listening to and sharing the sci-fi-themed tunes of that era, and second, I hate the sound of my voice. Any further episodes will probably follow the format of the first (although with some technical improvements, I hope), at least for a while. If it helps, think of the podcast as the Space: 1970 radio show...

    Stats: May was the largest month ever for traffic here at Space: 1970, with over 25,000 page views. The Facebook fan page now has over 600 "likes" and the site itself is closing in on 300 Blogger "followers."

    Shameless Self-Promotion Dept: Anyone interested in my non-70's sci-fi writing should check out my personal/professional homepage, Atomic Pulp. That's where you'll find previews of my upcoming comic book and fiction writings, a bibliography of my published works, and links to my various other pop culture blogs and websites. It's this sort of stuff that will be getting most of my attention for the next week or two.

      And, finally, birthday wishes to my wonderful better half, Brandi. It's amazing how much patience that woman possesses. And she'll even watch most of this stuff with me!

As always, thank you all for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy your stay!


  1. hubba hubba Jamie Sommers...oh and nice posting Cap'n Chris!

  2. Is that Lindsay Wagner in that picture? She hardly looks like herself.
    I myself have already ordered Bionic Woman seasons 1 and 2 but as I live in Mexico it will take some time for the package to arrive - still waiting.