Wednesday, June 1, 2011

SPACE: 1970 - The Podcast


Okay, Star Kids - I think I've finally figured this out. I hope so, anyway. Here's that Space: 1970 Podcast "Pilot Episode" that I recorded way back in November/December of last year. It took me a long time to get around to uploading it and making it public because I wasn't completely satisfied with the way it turned out. Unfortunately, I haven't had time to go in and try a new one from scratch, so...

Anyway, this first episode features some rare music, audio clips and commentary by yours truly. I tried to make it as close to an "audio version" of this blog as possible. I edited in Audacity, and I haven't quite mastered the program, so audio levels are a bit inconsistent. Also, the microphone I used wasn't very good, so the commentary's not as crisp and clear as I'd like it - and frankly, I'm not happy with the way I sound at all.

I haven't decided if I'll do more of these; it really depends on what sort of reaction I get to this experiment. To hear it ( it runs about 20 minutes), click on the link below. Listen at your own risk, and if you should choose to do so... please be kind.

Space: 1970


  1. Hi,

    I liked it, I liked it.Sounds a bit too deep, maybe? And maybe add some video, too? I'd like to see some of the clips you mention.

  2. Nice podcast but really tough to hear.

  3. Really hard to hear? I know the audio level vacillates a bit, but on my computer speakers and/or headphones, it's generally clear (if not crisp). Could you be a bit more specific?

  4. If it's really tough for people to hear, then maybe I should pull it down...

  5. I thought it was great, if anything it just needs more focus, if you're going to make them 20 minutes you should stick to one topic.

  6. Hi Christopher,
    Hard to hear in the sense that the sound fluctuates and (at least on my laptop) is pretty quiet in places. Couldn't quite catch what you were saying in places. No need to take it down though, it's decent content. And let's face it, any podcast featuring 'The Black Hole' deserves to stay up
    ps Any more Maren Jensen pics greatly appreciated. I've been struggling to find many

  7. I could hear it just fine on my laptop, which has mediocre speakers. There are volume vacillations, as you know, but it never drops below audible level. You sound all right; you could slow down sometimes and enunciate better, though. I really enjoyed the podcast and hope you will do others.

  8. I heard it just fine.

    I felt that the "audio clips" inside the podcast were a bit high in volume in contrast to the narration but I just turned it down & then back up again :)

    I really liked the trivia & knew none of the Buck Rogers information, that was all new to me so thank you.

    It might be nice if you to "podded up" the audio clips under your narration until your narration is completely gone, & then do the reverse when bringing the narration back in & the audio clips are completely gone. Don't be afraid to talk over a little bit of audio. They do this on the radio all the time and it's called "talking post".

    If you continue to make more episodes there are several Audacity (which I'm also learning) tutorials on youtube. I've found they usually don't cover exactly what I was looking for but I pull a lot from them.

    I'd definitely listen to more episodes!

    What about:
    -in depth Buck Rogers covering the changes (like with Hawk & Mira in the 3rd? season reboot)? You could do an adjunct commenting on the current Buck Rogers comic and the recent web serial that had Erin Gray and Gill Gerard staring as his parents.
    - same with Galactica & you might leap into the 80s with the sequel and then into the 00's with the reboot.
    - other shows that I've never heard of
    - logans run, new & old (like the current blue water comic)
    - The i.o.u. that kids all over the world got when there weren't enough star wars figures for christmas that year

    Great stuff!

  9. Trust me. No one wants to hear me talk for 20 minutes on just one topic. :)

    Actually, I'm pretty satisfied with the format and content, it's the technical side - and my own crappy "performance" that makes my hair stand up on the back of my neck.

  10. I LOVED IT! But then again my opinion is totally biased since you generously sprinkled The Black Hole audio clips during the whole podcast, which along with Logan's Run are my favorite films of that era. To me the audio was just fine and I heard every word perfectly. Great stuff on Buck Rogers by the way. Will I hear another one? Yes!

  11. For what it's worth, I enjoyed the podcast quite a bit. Didn't know any of that about Buck Rogers. It was good to find out! I can see where you'd be frustrated with the technical issues, but those are things learned with practice. I'd love to hear more. I love the blog as is, but adding audio and some other in-depth items to the whole deal makes the blog even better. I vote for more.

  12. Actually I would prefer more talk and less music (nice though the music is. I have a large SF film & TV soundtrack collection, so I guess Im overly familiar with it). Better still, get a fellow SF fan in for chat and bounce around memories. Either way, well done and keep it up. Being of a similar age and interest in 70s SF, I had ideas of starting a blog like this a while ago, but yours has totally destroyed that idea! Its that good :)

  13. A review from The Biggest Geek (i.e., ME.)

    The host segments have the same subject-friendly, informative tone as the writing on the site. So, a good translation from the "printed" format to the audio one (by the way, folks, NOT an easy thing to do.)

    You have the tactical advantage of knowing your subject matter, which is something a lot of other podcasts don't have (RESEARCH, people! RESEARCH!)

    The music is a nice touch (loved the excerpt from "Disco Galactica" up front there!) and an overall damned good selection of sound clips for your debut. It really gives an accurate sound representation of what we're here to celebrate, with the audio bits serving as the sound version of the pictures, TV ads, movie posters, and promotional art from the site ("I got a princess!")

    The only negative I could come up with was that, in the host segments, there was some of that audio flutter you hear in lower bitrate recordings (your voice sounded a bit warbly in places, like it was recorded at a lower bitrate and dropped into the higher bitrate-recorded podcast.) The music and trailers, however, sounded alright, with superb sound editing on your part, and a good flow maintained throughout.

    Don't mind any so-called rough spots, though--you have to go through a "teething period" at first as you get used to the new format and technology. Hell, you should have heard those early Clobberin' Time shows! After a while, the show got it's legs and, over two years and 250+ shows later, the only problems now come from the BTR console (and BTR itself.)

    And as we learned with CT; once you've gotten a few podcasts under your belt, you'll be used to the workings of the show, and you'll discover that it'll have developed it's own unique patterns, rhythms, and format sequence--it's own voice, in other words--with no effort on your part (so to speak.) Just be sure to be aware of them, and pounce on them, and use them to the show's advantage.

    FINAL VERDICT--a GREAT debut, Brudda!

    (who enjoyed the pilot, and hopes the series gets greenlighted for the Fall Season)

    PS--Where did the opening and closing theme come from? It sounds so fracking familiar that it's on continuous loop in my head until I figure it out.

  14. Martin - Sorry if the music was over-familiar to you, but if I'm going to be doing an audio "show," there's going to be music. I will try to find more obscure stuff, though.

    A co-host would be problematic, since a.) I don't know anyone who might be interested, b.) I live in the backwoods of Maine, and c.) since this is an extension of the blog, and the blog is a very personal thing, I'm not sure having another host would be appropriate.

    Tex - Thanks for the compliments (always welcome!) and constructive comments. I'm limited in my technology to whatever I can get free (like my used headset/mic), but I'm trying to make the whole thing sound better. I'm particularly pleased that you seemed to "get" what I was going for - basically an audio version of what I do here on the blog.

    Will I do more? Well, I'm thinking about it....

  15. I really enjoyed it Chris! The only technical issue i'd point out is the same thing a couple of others have mentioned.....your commentary was a bit lower than the music and trailers, but i'm sure thats something that can be worked out going forward. Loved the audio portions of the program, i'm imagining you as the sci-fi dee-jay working the overnight weekend shift at WKRP! Intro-ing and outro-ing obscure and not so obscure sci-fi Movie and TV themes and Trailers. Keep the factoids and backstories coming in between, thats stuffs awesome, the Buck stuff was new to me too! I can't wait for some Power Records soundbytes to make an appearance or the Spiderman Rock Comic! I'm sure you have this site bookmarked already, but there are some sweet alternate take themes to be found here for Space 1999, plus tons of other fantastic incedental music from the series!
    I really hope you're up for a second go at the podcast, i'll be eagerly awaiting it!

  16. A fairly nice attempt. I can only guess what Claudiu meant, but I think they meant your tone, tonality. In other words: it's harder to hear someone that speaks in a lower tone, than one that's a bit higher in register, ie. going from say a bass tone to a baritone. You might consider that. Yeah, I know, it's weird hearing yourself on a recording ;) Otherwise, content etc. was fine, I agree with the poster who said, perhaps less music & such, and more talk/content.

  17. If I do more of these - and I'm leaning that way - the format will probably stay pretty much the same, including the music-to-talk ratio. I'm not comfortable with the voice work, to be honest, and I'm sure not going to try and talk to empty air for 20 uninterrupted minutes. Plus, my recording set-up obviously isn't ideal.

    This podcast is - as some of you understood - an audio adjunct to the blog. I tried to include the equivalent of four or five blog posts, with the songs used the same way I use YouTube videos on this blog.

    I sincerely appreciate everyone's comments. Personally, I am very pleased, creatively, with the format and content of this podcast, and any future ones will follow suit. The only changes I'm thinking about right now are improving the technical side of it. Hopefully, that will come with practice.

    At least with future episodes, everyone will have a better idea of what to expect, I guess.

  18. I finally got around to listening (sorry) and loved it. Had to adjust the volume a little between your speaking and the clips but that's the only technical niggle I had.
    I hope you carry on :)

  19. Can I still listen to this? I went to Podbean and nothing was there. Or do I have to have a podbean account to hear it?

  20. Looks like it's expired or something. That may be a good thing. ;)

  21. Bummer. Your site is the best. I would have liked to have heard it.