Thursday, July 5, 2012

Coming Attractions: THE CAT FROM OUTER SPACE (1978) TV Spot

I was a bit too old for this Disney flick when it came out back in 1978, but my wife is a big fan of The Cat From Outer Space. We have the DVD in our library, but I haven't looked at it in ten years or so; the last time I tried to watch it, I fell asleep about halfway through. Now, to be fair, this was before I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, so it may not have entirely been the movie's fault. Maybe I should try again one of these days when I'm in the mood for some light cheese.

That said... I do like the critter's space ship.


  1. Hello Christopher-Even though I'm a couple of years older and our childhoods share almost identical likes and memories, I always tried to see the things I enjoyed even though I perhaps felt I had out grew the subject material. Case in point, I'm a huge fan of all of the 70s and earlier live action Disney movies. Kurt Russell ruled the roost as did Dean Jones and Fred MacMurray. The Cat from Outer Space is no exception. Corny sure but Ken Berry, Sandy Duncan, etc., follow the studio family feel I enjoy from these classics as did The Shaggy Dog in 1959(of course I didn't see it in the theater until the re-release years later). Like you I generally prefer Sci-fi but appreciate you bringing up these movies as well. Thanks

  2. I liked this one when I first saw at as an eight year old. I still like the ship. However I checked out at the library a year ago to watch with my kids. It seems like we all gave up on it maybe 45 minutes in because the movie was very slow.

  3. Great film from my early childhood days.