Friday, July 27, 2012

Post #600 - Same As The First

This marks my 600th post since I started this blog on the first of November, 2009. Since that time, the readership of this site has grown to then-inconceivable size, and I still can't quite believe that anyone cares enough to stop by here regularly to read my silly remembrances and ramblings. But a surprising number of you folks do, and I thank you. To commemorate this (and because I obviously missed recognizing my 500th post), here's... a rerun. The very first post I wrote for this blog, which I guess you can look at as a reaffirmation/re-statement of my intentions with this site.. Here's to the next 600!

The Good Stuff.

If I had been born five or ten years earlier, I most certainly would have been a "Monster Kid," haunting the local newstand for the latest issue of Famous Monsters Of Filmland, scouring the TV Guide listings for Creature Features or Shock Theater showings, and clumsily building Aurora model kits of Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy and Quasimodo.

As it turned out, I didn't become a "Monster Kid" until I was nearly 30.

I was born in 1965. By the time I was five or six years old, the monster fad of the 60s had mostly faded away. The Groovie Goolies were still rockin' on Saturday morning, but I was more interested in the Star Trek cartoon (from the same studio), and, when I could find them, reruns of the live-action Trek.

By the time I was ten, I had already collected numerous Star Trek books - James Blish and Alan Dean Foster's short story adaptations, The Making of, The Concordance, The New Voyages, The Technical Manual. Then, one of our local stations starting airing Space: 1999. I loved it, and poured over the television listings for more sci-fi. The Planet of the Apes movies, TV series and cartoons, Logan's Run. Then, a year or so later -- Star Wars.

Christmas '78 I received three record albums - my first ever - the Star Wars, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Battlestar Galactica soundtrack LPs. I started spending my allowance on Starlog and Fantastic Films magazines. I had model kits of all the Star Wars, Galactica and Buck Rogers space ships. I bought the movie novelizations and would use my old cassette recorder to make audio recordings of my favorite sci-fi TV shows.

From the newspaper, I clipped out movie advertisements for Message From Space, The Black Hole and Alien -- and pasted them in a photo album along with TV Guide ads for Galactica (painted by Frank Frazetta!), Quark, and Buck Rogers... and telefilms like The Martian Chronicles and Brave New World.

I was a nut for anything sci-fi, and back then, it wasn't cool. I took massive amounts of abuse from my peers. If I was caught with a Star Trek paperback in school by a my classmates, it was all but guaranteed that it would be shredded by lunch. I was called all sorts of things -- most of them pretty awful.

But I had my magazines and audio cassettes and paperback novelizations and my model kits and comic books... and somehow I survived.

This blog is devoted to those science fiction films and shows that were such a large part of my childhood. I loved those programs, and still do today. In fact, I enjoy them as much now as I ever did, and prefer them over most modern genre product. (Guess which Battlestar I think is the better one?) I still admire the handcrafted model spaceships and stop-motion animated monsters (you won't ever find the word "cheesy"used to describe those effects here!), the gallant space heroes and sizzling space babes, the comic relief robots (Twiki! Peepo!) and the sense of wonder those shows stirred in me.

I don't expect that I'll be posting to this blog often. In fact, many of the initial posts will probably be revised versions of pieces that I've written before that appeared elsewhere. But when I do feel like writing about one of those childhood favorite space operas, I'll be doing it here instead of at one of my other sites.

Journey with me back to when the future!


  1. Happy 600th Blog posting Chris!As I've mentioned before,your blog is what helped to rekindle my love of all things vintage sci-fi.Thanks once again for all the hard work and here's to many more postings!

  2. I'm just thrilled there are people out there who love things like the Flash Gordon movie and Six Million Dollar Man unironically! Congrats on 600 posts! Love the blog!

  3. Congratulations on your 600th blog post. This website is a wonderful reminder of my happy youth and all the excitement that came from waiting for that next issue of Starlog and the next bit of tantalizing news about the next big Sci-Fi blockbuster.

    In the days before the internet, these books, magazines and toys were the only connection we had to what was happening to our favorite shows and movies and thanks to the internet and your wonderful website, we get to relive that excitement all over again!

  4. Congratulations on hitting 600 and I hope you have at least another 600 in you. We were so lucky too be kids during the '70s and I am glad to have found the site to confirm childhood memories.

  5. Happy 600th Chris I really love this site and %100 percent of the things you talk about are right on the money!

  6. Happy 600th post. I love 70's sci-fi despite the high cheese factor. Always look forward to reading your posts. I have bought UFO, Message from space and War in space mostly due to reading your posts.

  7. Congrats on 600! I only just found you this week thanks to a tweet from MythBuster Tory.

    It's funny, I was born 5 years after you and was sort of a monster kid. Saturday afternoons meant settling in front of the tube for Creature Double Feature. But after Star Wars came out, it became my main obsession.

    Looking forward to checking out the previous 500+ posts

  8. Congrats Chris! Your blog has reminded me of some of my fondest childhood TV memories and introduced me to a huge amount of movies and cancelled oh too soon TV shows. I look forward to your next 600.

  9. Happy 600th. You're approximately 6 years older than I am, but I too am a huge lover of all things Sci-Fi from the 70's and earlier.

  10. I bought the first issue of Starlog at a local Waldenbooks. I was hooked! It fed my addiction. Star Trek, Planet of the Apes, Logan's Run, Westworld, Soylent Green, etc had already turned me into a science fiction junkie before Star Wars came out. And I was only 11 in 1977! I begged my Mom to get me a subscription so that I'd never miss an issue. Missed a few waiting for it to come in because we lived out in the country and rarely went to town, but I had years of it. And it's sister mags, too.

    Love your blog - thanks again for all the work. I constantly share it with friends.

  11. Happy 600th! Because of thsi blog I bought The Starlost, Qwark, The Filmation boxed set issues 1-60 of Starlog and most recently Star Maidens from England. I have even hunted down some stuff that I don't think has ben mentioned here like The Green Slime. If you haven't seen that I highly recomend it. It is right up your alley. I'll have to donate some money to the sight as a Chrsitmas gift. Thanks for helping me to find all this great sci-cheese!