Monday, July 2, 2012


I've mentioned here before that I haven't covered some British cult 70s sci-fi shows, like Blake's 7 and Star Maidens, not because I wasn't interested in them, but because I'd never seen them. Well, I recently stumbled upon several half-hour episodes of the English-German co-production Star Maidens on YouTube, and although I hate watching video on my computer, I checked out the first couple installments.

Needless to say, I was delighted. Sure, it's goofy and campy, and not at all "good," but I loved the distinctly 70s production design, costumes, miniature effects and music. (all of which are in evidence in the opening credits above.) And hey, it can't be much worse than, say, The Starlost.... and I like The Starlost!

My wife and I recently acquired a multi-region DVD player, so, once I scrape up the money, I think I'll order the complete series on disc from the UK. It looks to be fairly affordable. Maybe for my birthday.


  1. If you're getting into British Sci Fi check out Sapphire and Steel, It's kind of Sci Fi horror and about as weird as it gets, David McCallum is in it, top quality 5 star stuff.

  2. Keith Wilson, who handled production design on Space: 1999 performed the same duties on Star Maidens.
    No wonder you (and I) enjoy it! ;-)

  3. Fell in love with Star Maidens after seeing a tv movie packaged from a few episodes in the late 80's. A few years ago I discovered that a cheap GPX brand dvd player that I purchased played PAL and so the Star Maidens series was a must have. There are some really good episodes, and some clunkers, but a fun watch indeed.

  4. I went ahead and ordered the DVDs for myself with some birthday money from my mother-in-law. Looking forward to watching the series!

  5. Chris...
    You are going to love the Star Maidens sets designed by KEITH WILSON BFD himself with his miserable lack of funding for the series, although he did a fantastic job, quite like nothing else ever seen on todays technological televisions. The clothes, furniture, sound effects, hair (!) and especially the field equipment the men and women use in the series ares still something to fawn over: Especially the paragun oh the sound it makes when fired! The sensor/communicator,manfinder (!), the small block shaped almost german colored masterdrive computer (better than a Star Wars droid and quieter). Take note of these things -it's really fun! You'll wish you'll have these as you own props like a Trekkie -or is it Trekker? Kindly yours -adam, yes I am named just like the guy in the show! That why it's my favorite! I at least lucked out on that! Dying to hear your review!

  6. Thanks, Adam. According to Amazon UK, my discs should be here today or tomorrow...