Tuesday, July 10, 2012

SPACE: 1999 (1975) Look-In Cover Art By Arnaldo Putzu

This is the striking original art by Arnaldo Putzu for the cover of the September, 1975 issue (#38) of the British magazine, Look-In. Putzu was the artist of many cover paintings of TV stars and pop stars for the magazine in the 1970s ( In fact, I think he was the artist of the Logan's Run cover I ran here a while back). He was also a highly-regarded illustrator of movie poster paintings from the 1960s, including Get Carter, The Creatures The World Forgot, From Russia With Love and many of the Carry On comedies.

 The more I discover about this UK magazine, the more I wish I could get my hands on some issues. I'm especially eager to read the original comics stories based on all of my Space: 1970 favorites.


  1. I used to get 'Look-In' every week and enjoyed it as a kid, but it's not a magazine I'm too bothered about seeing again. It was aimed very squarely at the younger audience with lots of jokes, quizzes and pop posters. It did feature the big films of the day, usually with a short feature and pull-out poster, but the cover art was very often the best thing about it.

  2. So many great memories behind each cover and at best all of them treasured ...Thankyou Arnoldo for being part of my creative back bone.....Even in the arena of 3D which I work it still resonates personally for me ...Each cover is a poster in itself ......Great times ;O)