Wednesday, July 11, 2012

JASON OF STAR COMMAND: Mission to The Stars

Great galaxies! I just discovered tonight that there was a Jason Of Star Command tie-in novel (apparently it was a kid's book club paperback), Mission to The Stars, released in 1980, written by someone named Ken Sobol. An internet search has turned up one poor review of the book and the information that the author, Sobol, was an animation writer who passed away in 2010, but that's about it.

A few online dealers apparently do have copies available. Obviously, I absolutely must get a copy of this book. As proprietor of this website (and fan of the show!), it's really something of a moral imperative since it appears that this may have been the only merchandising done for Jason...

If and when I get a hold of a copy, I'll definitely review it here!


  1. I've read and still have (somewhere) that book.
    I recall it being pretty OK, considering what it is.

  2. I have never read this book but I would love to

  3. I got the book from a friend as a birthday gift and still have it. I need to read it again. As I remember it was pretty decent based on the first three episodes of the second season. I put the book in a protective pack years ago so it hasn't aged badly. Jason Lives!

  4. Ken Sobol wrote a metric ton of scripts for Filmation television cartoons.

  5. I own this book as well. Found it at the Salvation Army about 10 years ago. Still have yet to read it.

  6. I ordered that through my school's Scholastic Book Club order back in 6th grade (and was the only sf nerd who did so). I read it back then, but honestly don't remember much about it, other than hoping that it was the start of a series of books (like Star Trek and Space: 1999 tie-ins before it). Alas, that was not to be...
    Still have that copy somewhere. Have to dig it up someday...