Friday, July 20, 2012

FLASH GORDON (1980) Whitman Comics Cover Gallery

Yeah - another comics art post. I am working on some longer articles - including reviews of the recent DVD release of The Invisible Man and the Outland Blu-ray - but it's taking a while. In the meantime, I'll be continuing with these image-centric posts....

In 1980, Whitman Comics published their three-issue adaptation of the Mike Hodges-directed Flash Gordon feature film, retaining the numbering of the ongoing Flash Gordon comic book series. This adaptation by Bruce Jones and the fantastic Al Williamson was also printed in an over-sized, hardcover treasury edition (pictured below) by Golden Books.

For some reason, on the standard comics, the publishers opted for these unfortunate collages of film stills and Williamson backgrounds rather than commissioning original art. Still, they're great comics with amazing art by Williamson, a long-time fan of the character, and if you don't already own them, they're well-worty hunting down.


  1. I still have these comics somewhere. Still have never seen the movie. Being a fan of the old serials I was just always afraid that this film would come up short.

  2. I hate the movie and never knew Williamson did the adaptation art. Now I need to seek these out. Williamson had a great feel for Flash Gordon and space opera.

  3. ALL of Al Williamson's Flash Gordon work, including the movie adaptation, can be found in "Al Williamson's Flash Gordon: A Lifelong Vision of the Heroic."

    Unfortunately it's out of print, and even a used softcover copy will set you back c$30.

    (but for all that, it's STILL worth it)

  4. I have that book in hardcover. Kind of a precursor to IDW's "Artists Editions" (Or whatever they're called) as it was all reproduced from Al's original art. Sweet stuff.

  5. This is great! I love this movie - though I came at it from being a fan of Queen. The soundtrack, imo, I still think is the best part about the movie. Who else could make this movie as awesome?

  6. The movie is great, i never had any comics, the cartoon first season was fantastic the second season was trash, is their a new flash movie in the works?? im still waiting for sinbad and logans run to get made