Sunday, July 8, 2012

Obit: Ernest Borgnine, R.I.P.

The familiar character actor Ernest Borgnine, has passed away at age 95. Borgnine's career spanned five decades and countless films and television episodes in every genre imaginable. For aficionados of 70s and 80s sci-fi films, he's remembered for his portrayal of opportunistic journalist Harry Booth in Disney's 1979 space epic, The Black Hole, and his recurring role on the 1976-77 series, Future Cop. Among his many other credits were roles in 1973's The Neptune Factor and 1981's Escape From New York.

R.I.P. Harry.


  1. Damn, we've lost a lot of good ones this year.
    R.I.P. Mr. Borgnine.

  2. Ernest Borgnine... one of the greats and a true class act. Loved him in The Black Hole and The Poseidon Adventure where his performance was outstanding. RIP.

  3. Ah, darn this is the first time that I am hearing about this :(
    It was always a treat to see Borgnine in anything. He will be missed by his fans.

  4. One of the greatest actors that the old studio system has ever produced. He was brilliant and outstanding in every role he had played in. Whether it was the General in The Dirty Dozen, the Russian saboteur in Ice Station Zebra, or the old outlaw in The Wild Bunch, he always gave a remarkable and memorable performance.

    Ernie, thanks for the memories. You will be sadly missed. God Bless you, sir.