Thursday, July 12, 2012

STAR TREK Mego Enterprise Play Set (1975)

Star Trek was huge in the Seventies - far more of a phenomenon than it had ever been during its original late Sixties network run. That's why I don't hesitate to include The Original Series here at Space: 1970 alongside its legitimately 70s offspring, the Filmation Animated Series and 1979's Motion Picture.

Nowhere was that popularity more evident than in the sheer amount of merchandise - especially aimed at children - that lined store shelves throughout the decade. Of course, the most popular of all this stuff were the action figures and other Trek toys from Mego. And, probably the fondest-remembered of all their toys was the U.S.S. Enterprise play set, with "working transporter." Action figures sold separately....

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  1. This a fun bit of nostalgia for me! I actually had this Enterprise set when I was a kid. You've got a great site here.