Saturday, January 12, 2013

Behind-The-Scenes Pix #35: STAR TREK

Time-traveling back to the late Sixties, we find William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy in the U.S.S. Enterprise briefing room during the shooting of... which classic Star Trek episode? I'm not certain, although the slate tells us it's one directed by Marc Daniels. My knowledge of the series is just slightly shy of encyclopedic, so I can't nail it down from the picture alone.... anyone want to field a guess?


  1. Based on the date on the slate and Daniels as director, I'm pretty sure it's The Changeling.

  2. My guess is "The Changeling" based on a comparison of production dates and episode directors. I used the following link for production dates, and I used Wikipedia (gasp!) to double check.

  3. I would agree with Rory.

  4. It is "The Changeling"
    The "Marc Daniels" narrows it down. The confirming clue is sitting in front of Shatner. See the little orange "diskette" by the intercom panel? You can see virtually the same angles in the briefing room just before Nomad does the little thing on Nichols about her singing on the bridge.

    Of course- I cheated a little. I thought it was the Changeling then went to the episode to verify . I was looking for several things. The angle on the table between Shatner and Nimoy, The diskette thingy, and the pattern of reflection in Nimoy's console screen. Nice to come back and see everyone else thought so too.