Friday, January 25, 2013


Although I'm always a bit reluctant to plug my own projects here on the Space: 1970 blog, I'm making an exception for my forthcoming Perils On Planet X webcomic, which begins its weekly schedule one week from today (February 1st) at

Inspired, in large part, by Space: 1970 classics as Planet Of The Apes, Buck Rogers In The 25th Century, Jason Of Star Command and, yes, even Star Wars - but mostly the animated adventures of Filmation's Flash Gordon and Blackstar - the serialized Perils On Planet X is chock-full of action, adventure, monsters, raygun fights, gorgeous alien princesses (rendered with exceptional skill and talent by my artistic collaborator, Gene Gonzales), sword fights, airships, mad scientists, strato-pirates... and batwinged, vampire gorillas.

It's because I believe that most Space: 1970 readers - especially you Old School gamers (and I know there's a lot of you) - would really enjoy the webcomic that I'm choosing to promote Perils On Planet X on this site. I'll try not to overdo it (once it launches, I'll try and only mention it in my "Captain's bLog" entries), but I want to be sure you folks know about it and consider giving it a chance. If you get a moment, click over to the site and if you like what you see, bookmark it. I'm pretty excited about finally getting POPX out to the public (I've been working on it for about a decade), and I'd appreciate your support.

Now... back to our regularly-scheduled nostalgia.....


  1. Plug away, Bro! Plug away!

    (beyond looking forward to this!)

  2. Really looking forward to this. I hope it succeeds well beyond your expectations!