Tuesday, April 5, 2011

CYBORG Art by Vallejo

Here's Boris Vallejo's cover painting to an early 80's Del Rey printing (the one I have!) of Martin Caidin's novel Cyborg, which was the basis for the popular 1970s television series, The Six Million Dollar Man, and, thus, The Bionic Woman, as well. Caidin wrote four novels about Steve Austin: Cyborg, Operation Nuke, High Crystal and Cyborg IV.

Thanks to Jason Shepherd for the scan.


  1. I loved that book with the Boris cover. Read the first couple of the sequels Martin Candin's sequels to it as well.

  2. I remember reading the book but I don't recall the cover. It is gorgeous.

  3. cool cover, I didn't know the TV series came from a book. That might actually make a decent remake.