Wednesday, April 27, 2011

SPACE: 1999 (1976) Power Records Ad

Here's a nicely evocative advertisement for the Power Records line of Space: 1999 audio adventures. I have no idea who the artist is - probably someone on-staff at Neal Adams' Continuity Studios, which provided most of the art for the Power comics - but it's a wonderful piece of art.

Check out Rob Kelly's Power Records blog to read - and hear - these (and many other) 70s Power Records adventures!


  1. Well, if Dr. Wernher von Braun has given it a "Recommended Viewing" rating, it has to be great. right?

  2. That ad formed the outside back cover of the two Space: 1999 book & record comics produced by Power Records. (One was an adaptation of the series' premier episode, Breakaway, while the other was an original story called Return to the Beginning.)
    Curiously, the interior artwork was uncredited, as well.

  3. The future was always going to be fantastic! Fantastic 70s artwork for a fantastic series (certainly season 1 with its massive sets and superb models).

    In 35 years I never realised that Space: 1999 was endorsed by the man behind NASA's Apollo program Saturn V booster, Werhner von Braun. Makes my enjoyment of the series even more poignant. Whatever his past, Braun was the drive behind the USA landing on the Moon.

    Great post... great site... will explore more!!!