Sunday, July 10, 2011

Behind-The-Scenes Pix #2: STAR WARS

George Lucas directs ill-fated galactic bounty hunter Greedo (Maria De Aragon in high heels!) on the set of Star Wars in 1976. Actor Paul Blake also portrayed the character in the film, in the scenes where both Greedo and Han Solo are seen in the same shot. The two Greedo suits weren't quite identical; look closely and you'll see that the shape of the alien's fingers change from shot-to-shot.


  1. Noticed a bit of detail in the face of the Greedo mask--under the eyes, the snout looks like it's rubber pushed back a bit. Nice picture, thanks!

    Gordon Long

  2. I saw that pic once, possibly on the Laser Disc 'Definitive Edition' or whatever that ginormous thing was back before the first three chapters got made.
    Anyway, I want to see the action figure version of THAT particular Greedo! LOL!

  3. A third actor provided the voice for Greedo, so in reality, Greedo was comprised of 3 actor's, not just two. The Actor was Larry Ward.

  4. Stuart Freeborn created the mask for Greedo by modifying one made for a British TV commercial featuring a frozen pea man. In the scenes shot with Paul Blake, there wasn't any articulation in the mouth, so Rick Baker's crew put a clothes pin in the snout for the ILM reshoot with Maria De Aragon.

  5. It doesn't look like she could even pull the trigger with those costume gloves.
    Further proof that HAN SHOT FIRST!

  6. (pardon the spelling)

    "Natoo natoo, Lucas?"