Monday, July 18, 2011

News: MAN FROM ATLANTIS (1977) Coming to DVD Next Week!

I'd heard it was "in the pipeline," and now it's been made official. The complete Man From Atlantis - television series and TV movies - is coming to DVD on July 26, as a fully remastered, MOD offering from Warner Archive. Reportedly, the pilot - which had been previously offered as a standalone title - has been pulled from the Warner Archives collection in favor of these new editions.

According TV Shows on DVD, the TV movies and the weekly series will be sold in separate packages. The  Complete TV Movies Collection will contain all four of the original 90-minute television films: Pilot, The Death Scouts, The Killer Spores, and The Disappearances.  It will retail for $24.95.

Man From Atlantis: The Complete Television Series, will contain all 13 episodes of the weekly series, newly remastered. Suggested retail price is $34.95.

I have to say: I rather like that the folks at Warner Archive - intentionally or not - designed the packaging to resemble the trade dress of the first two Man from Atlantis paperback novelizations from Dell Books back in '77! If intentional, it's a really nice homage, and if it wasn't planned that way, it's a truly cool coincidence!

Both sets can be ordered now from Warner Archives at the links above.


  1. That is EXCITING! I remember watching this show pretty regularly and enjoying the Starlog article about it. Sadly, I had the feeling I was the only fan. Patrick Duffy was really cool, and the subs were cool. Wasn't there some episode where they encountered Atlantis? Or some sea monsters? Been FOREVER since I saw it, I can't remember much...

    Gordon Long

  2. Ordered, can't wait to watch them all again!!!!!!!!! Come on Cliffhangers.........

  3. When this was shown in the UK, at the end of the programme each week, an off screen announcer would warn kids not to copy the things being done on screen by Mister Duffy! They did the same with the Nicholas Hammond SPIDER-MAN series: "Don't try this at home!" Classic stuff!

  4. I'll have my copies shortly and will post reviews as soon as possible!