Tuesday, July 5, 2011


As I've said many times, I was a Starlog kid. Until my late teens, I had little-to-no interest in horror movies (although I love them now), so Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine wasn't even on my radar. However, this issue - #170, cover-dated January 1981, so I probably picked it up in November or December of 1980 - did catch my eye. This was the first Famous Monsters I ever bought, and pretty much the only one I ever bought off the newsstand, although I've purchased various other issues from back-issue bins over the last couple of decades.

It's not difficult to see what caught my attention, with Battle Beyond The Stars and Flash Gordon taking up three-quarters of the cover real estate. (You know, I've still never seen The Awakening.) I can even remember where I bought it - at the LaVerdiere's drugstore at the JFK Plaza in Waterville, Maine. That store (along with the rest of the chain) is long gone now, but I still have this magazine.

Anyway - on a tangentially related note - one more week until Battle Beyond The Stars gets its HD release from Shout! Factory. I can't wait....


  1. "The Awakening" was pretty bad. It definitely sits at the bottom of Charlton Heston's works, despite sounding like a really cool mummy movie.

  2. The thing about "The Awakening" is that it has a gorgeous poster and I loved the score instantly. On that basis I went to see the movie at the theater. Well, also that it was based on a novel by Bram Stoker...
    The film is essentially an Egyptian oriented version of "The Omen"... without gore... at interminable, glacial, slowness.
    And, the novel's not good either.