Monday, July 4, 2011

July's Space Babe: Farrah Fawcett

July's Space Babe is the late Farrah Fawcett, who we're honoring for several memorable roles from the Space: 1970 era. The stunning feather-haired blonde was a pop culture icon of the 70s, and graced several genre films and television shows with her beauty, presence and talent.

Her role as Holly in the 1976 feature, Logan's Run, was small but star-making, and she also made strong showings on several episodes of her then-husband's TV series The Six Million Dollar Man (most notably in the 1974 episode, "The Rescue of Athena One," in which she played NASA's first female astronaut). In 1980, she co-starred in Stanley Donen's sci-fi gothic, Saturn 3, as Alex, a sexy space scientist, lover of colleague Kirk Douglas (lucky guy), and the object of obsession for both a psychopath (Harvey Keitel) and his equally deranged robot.

Fawcett's life and career was something of a roller coaster, with triumphant highs and tragic lows. Although initially typecast as a lightweight, airheaded bimbo, she eventually proved herself both a formidable dramatic actress and talented comedienne. In the 1970s, she was married to another Space: 1970 icon, Lee Majors, but they divorced in the early 80s. Sadly, she passed away in 2009 from cancer at a too-young 62.


  1. I fully support Farrah as a Space Babe even though she was in only two SF films but made a lasting impression in both of them and on myself since I've had a crush on her since the 70's. I own Logan's Run on DVD and Blu Ray and have a copy of Saturn 3 on DVD-R.
    Also I recently bough on Ebay a Logan's Run poster with Farrah in her silver dress from the movie. As far as I know no poster was released at the time of Jenny Agutter who was the female lead in Logan's Run which is a testament to Farrah's popularity at the time.
    By the way, from where is that second photo with her in the black outfit? It's not from Logan's Run or Saturn 3, that I know. An episode of Charlie's Angels maybe?

  2. The second photo is from Saturn 3 - or, more accurately, it's from a dream/fantasy sequence shot for Saturn 3 but cut from the theatrical release print.

  3. Total space babe. I was 16 when Saturn 3 came out here in the UK and I'm sure I had a poster of that photo of Farrah from the movie. Can't remember if it was from a Saturn 3 fold out poster special or a centre-fold give away with the UK's Starburst magazine. Thanks for the memories of more fun times.

    Great photo and love the blog.

  4. here is a link to the deleted "blue dreamers" scene from "Saturn 3" (German dubbed) as it was the only source that I have even gotten to view this rare sequence! I believe the Major ( is only hallucinating, as Alex (Farrah) is only away for a moment--then appears in this new sexy space outfit! After a cut-away--she is not longer dressed this way...