Wednesday, July 13, 2011

STAR TREK (1979-80) Marvel Comics Cover Gallery - Part 2

Michael Netzer
Dave Cockrum
Dave Cockrum/Joe Rubinstein
Frank Miller
Joe Brozowski/Tom Palmer
Joe Brozowski/Tom Palmer
And here's Part Two of the Marvel Comics 1980 Star Trek cover gallery, featuring issues #7 through #12 of the company's first attempt with the Trek franchise, which was a continuation from the first movie. They would get the license back for a while in the 90s - but those issues are beyond the purview of this blog. Part three - with the final batch of issues from the run - is coming soon. Scans and artist credits courtesy of The Grand Comics Database.


  1. Thanks for posting these. 7 I had completely forgotten about. On 8, I am not fond of Spock's appearance but the insect-machines are excellent. 9 is a fascinating cover, I need to re-read it. #10 I hated from the moment I saw it; I think this is where the line jumped the shark and sales started going downhill. On the other hand, I totally loved #11, but since I love kaiju as well as the Enterprise, that doesn't surprise me. I suspect Trek purists were disappointed, however. 12 was an excellent story, probably the best one of the entire lot: a direct sequel to the second pilot, and a return by Janice Rand. It was a brilliant sf story, as well as a Trek story, with very good art. I think this was the best story of the Marvel run, taking full advantage of what could be done in the comic medium but at the same time retaining the feel of classic Trek. It is also one of my 50 favorite Star Trek stories in any format (tv, film, novel, comic, game). I really want to re-read this one as well!

    Looking forward to part III. Thanks for the great memories, again!

    Gordon Long

  2. I wore out my copy of #8 back in the day. lolz I read that one so much.

  3. I bought all these when they came out, and still have them. They were the first Trek comics to come out after the silly Gold Key line, and I was excited. What many don't know is that several story lines were inspired by entries in the Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology, the main one being issure #9, the ghostly survivors of the first disastrous secret transporter experiments.

  4. 6, 7, 8 and 12, and 18 were my favorites of this series. It seems that Marvel couldn't keep a consistent creative team on this book, and that is why it was all over the board! I remember thinking that every issue seemed like an inventory issue, as if the deadlines were being missed and Marvel needed to perform emergencies to get the book to market. Only a few years after this run, DC managed to do a Star Trek book that Marvel would have been capable of if they had maintained consistency!