Saturday, July 9, 2011

Captain's bLog 0709.10

  Am still struggling to wrap up various writing commitments, so there will continue to be mostly graphics-heavy posts (comic book covers, posters, stills, etc.) here at Space: 1970 for a while yet. I do still  plan on posting DVD reviews of  the Warner Archives discs of The Bermuda Depths, Thundarr the Barbarian and Strange New World over the next month or so, and will obviously be writing about the Battle Beyond The Stars and Damnation Alley Blu-rays that are due from Shout! Factory on Tuesday. I also hope to have the second Space: 1970 Podcast available in August. Stay tuned.

  Although Universal continues to maintain that the audio problems on their recent release of The Bionic Woman Season 2 DVDs were inherent in the source materials that they had available at the time, they are now offering "corrected" replacements for disc 4, which contained the worst of the problems. I've contacted their Customer Service folks and will be sending my disc in exchange for the replacement next week. Here's the official info:
The initial release of "The Bionic Woman: Season 2" was issued with the best audio elements that the studio had available at the time, which included noticeably imperfect audio from the episode, "Deadly Ringer." Constructive feedback and suggestions since provided from fans has led to the uncovering of additional source material to repair (or improve?) the audio on this specific episode.

Consumers not satisfied with their purchase can send their mailing addresses to Universal Studios Home Entertainment Consumer Relations at: They will receive information on returning disc 4 which featured the episode, "Deadly Ringer," in exchange for a replacement disc with corrected audio.
  Filmmaker Sandy Collora, director of the 70s-esque sci-fi adventure film, Hunter Prey, which I was very impressed by, dropped me a line a couple days ago to tell me about his newest project. This one, Shallow Water, appears to be a "rubber suit monster" thriller in the vein of Humanoids From The Deep or Alien... and that sounds cool, too:
Here’s my theory; The industry nowadays seems so focused on genre movies needing a “hook”, that the basic elements so vital to making these films work, seem to go out the window.  Sadly replaced by shaky cam, indistinguishable nonsense, CGI monsters that you never really get a good look at, “found footage”, or the newest 3D technology…  All the iconic films mentioned above that have literally defined the genre, have NONE of those things in them.  Great characters, a compelling, scary story, and a well designed, organic, monster are all you need to make good horror film.  It’s really not that complicated.

Much like my last film; “Hunter Prey”, “Shallow Water” will be a hand made movie, harkening back to all the classic horror films of the 70’s and 80’s, when the creativity and ingenuity of the filmmakers were the tools used to craft a film, instead of gimmicks and marketing hooks.  Join us on this adventure by visiting our kickstarter page and be a part of something that truly embodies the spirit of independent filmmaking.
As noted in the quote from his blog above, Sandy's trying to raise some financing through Kickstarter. Anyone who might be interested in checking it out, should click on those links.
  Finally, today is my 46th birthday. I plan on spending it pantless and watching movies.

Have a great weekend, Star Kids!


  1. Hey another July birthday! Mine was just last week. Many happy returns and I hope you have a great day catching up on great flicks.

  2. Happy birthday, Christoper! And thanks for keeping up with this blog; I always enjoy what I find here and leave thinking, "Ah, I'm not alone!"

  3. FYI, did you know Keith Wilson died?

  4. Do you know if this disc exchange will be available to Canadians. From past experience I've found that not all good things necessarily make it north of the border.

    Since there is no new purchase involved, am I right in assuming it should be as simple as sending a letter? [If sending a letter to the States is still simple. Back in the 90's I corresponded for a while with a few American meteorite suppliers(still have a piece of the Arizona Meteor Crater meteorite I made into a key chain), but I haven't done anything like it since.]
    Also, are they covering the mailing costs this will involve.

    And, that sounds like a great way to spend the day(any day really). Hope it feels more like a week.

  5. Happy birthday from a new fan... and fellow fan of all things 70s sf. I will turn 45 on the 27th.

    I'm glad I haven't purchased Lindsay Season 2 yet, because of the audio problem. We'll see if the issue an 'improved audio' set.

    I look forward to reading your upcoming reviews you mentioned!

    Gordon Long

  6. Anon: Can't hurt to e-mail the Customer Service address ( and ask, right?

  7. Happy Birthday Chris, hope you're having a great one......clearly Shout Factory didn't know or they would have released Battle Beyond the Stars earlier!!! Thanks again as always for the Space1970's blog, it's your birthday but we're all getting the best gift!!!

  8. Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoyed your movie watching, pantless or otherwise.

    Thanks for posting that info from Sandy Collora. I've been wanting to see Hunter Prey since first hearing about it on this very blog, and am glad to see that there are still a few people out there who understand what it takes to make an engaging film, even without a huge budget or CGI gimmicks. (I'm not completely anti-CGI, by the way, but I tire of its over-use these days.)


  9. Happy B-Day Chris. May your pantless viewing be all you wish for!

  10. Hunter Prey streams for free on Netflix if anyone missed it. It does make me want to see more from that crew!

  11. I don't know why but I've always had an aversion to email. I guess thats why I didn't do the obvious thing at the time and just send one to Universal. As it turns out they are being extremely gracious concerning The Bionic Woman replacement disc. Initially they were going so send me a postage paid envelope to return the original disc(nice enough in itself). But the next email they sent said that it wouldn't be necessary to send them the original, and that they are simply sending the replacement disc. I wasn't expecting that. America is a dam fine place! You walk on the Moon. Your robotic spacecraft visit the planets(Pluto in 2015). You make the coolest sci-fi. And now this! I have to say, I'm just a little bit jealous.