Saturday, July 23, 2011

STAR TREK (1979) Pinball Machine Flyer

Here's another pinball machine flyer, this one for Bally's Star Trek table, obviously released to tie-in with Star Trek - The Motion Picture. Here's a bigger shot of the backglass art:


  1. Very interesting! Kirk's in a classic Flash Gordon/Buck Rogers style of pose with his faithful crew right behind him. Hmm--at least 4 Klingon battlecruisers are heading for the Enterprise...they'd better hurry and beam up! I enjoy the classic color schemes for the backgrounds. The uniforms look better than they did in the actual film, which I find cool. But I think Kirk's legs are too shapely...LOL

    Love the classic bumper design with the rays on them and the Enterprise right in the middle! And overall, the design of the ad's top panel is very good. The tabletop portion does look like it is something out of either the Motion Picture's wormhole, V'ger's memory, or 2001.


    Gordon Long

  2. Amused that they put the TV-era Enterprise on the table (and looks like the side as well.)

    (who never saw one of these in any of the 3 gamerooms along the coast)

  3. As a grown man, I've learned to appreciate the glacial charms of 'ST:TMP.' Although I think I'd still rather see a movie based on this concept art. The Star Trek reboot comes close, though.

    Rockie Bee

  4. There were actually two versions of the Bally Star Trek pinball game. The first version appeared in 1978 and featured artwork and graphics based on the Original Series. The second version appeared the following year and featured a revamped back panel with artwork based on The Motion Picture. Only the back panel was changed on the later version, while the table and side panels (which featured the original Enterprise) stayed pretty much the same.