Friday, July 1, 2011


I personally haven't yet gotten my hands on a copy of the eagerly-anticipated, forthcoming Battle Beyond The Stars DVD or Blu-ray yet (I'll be picking up my Blu-ray disc when it goes on sale, with everyone else, on the 12th), but the TCM "Movie Morlocks" blog has just posted a nicely enthusiastic advance review of the upcoming Shout! Factory disc, and of the movie itself. Nice to see it getting some respect elsewhere on the Internets.

Check it out HERE.


  1. Annoyingly, this seems to be coming out on Region 1 only; a fat lot of good if you're outside North America (which most of the world is). I always had a soft spot for BBTS, so I'll just have to try and see this cleaned-up version elsewhere

  2. I saw this in a small town theater with the print being very worn and scratchy -- the way B movies were meant to be seen! It might be traumatic seeing it in high quality, thankfully I don't have a Blu-ray player or HD TV.

    John Boy starring in it meant it had to be terrible and an excellent waste of time, so of course I wanted to see it. But the movie surprised me by being actually good, not something you usually could say about Roger Cormon's films. The characters were interesting and the shamelessly ripped off plot worked well. Most of all, the cast seemed to be having a good time.

  3. Anon: My understanding is that the video rights outside North America have been owned by another company/other companies since the 80s, so it's not fair to bitch at Shout! for the Region coding. They simply don't have the legal right to sell it elsewhere.

  4. Anon, that's why Crom gave us region-free players.

    (and last I checked, Blu-ray discs weren't region coded)

  5. Saw this years ago, and recall being one of the few if not the only one, that saw the humor of the G2 in the lighted globes when the ships onboard computer spoke ... ahh good times

  6. This is a must have release, the commentaries and extras that Shout Factory put together for these releases is worth the price of admission alone......James Horner has "borrowed" from himself on numerous occasions, this soundtrack in Star Trek 2, Star Trek 2 in Aliens.....etc...... Battle benifits IMMENSELY from his contribution here! fantastic score!