Monday, July 11, 2011

Catherine Schell in MOON ZERO TWO (1969)

Here are a couple of nice publicity shots of gorgeous Catherine Schell (Space: 1999's Maya) in the 1969 Hammer space Western, Moon Zero Two, which I wrote about a few days ago.

Consider this a Space Babes "extra," as the stunning Ms. Schell was our Space Babe for June, 2010!


  1. I've been a big fan of Catherine Schell for 35+ years. She's a wonderful actress (retired) and a wonderful person. I love her as Maya and the producers I give credit to for doing something different. Rembmer they didn't have the computer technology that we do today that would allow the transformations to be done with a great visual affect today. Oh, I don't know if anyone other than John Kenneth Muir has noted, but Maya set a tred. Look at all of the female aliens with different degrees of emotions that have come along since. And let's not forget Odo, a shape-shifter and with the charm of a rock.

  2. Delighted to see the gorgeous Ms Schell as the first Space Babes two-timer. Richly deserved. My first serious crush in the 70's. Can't find any of these bikini pics/clips from 'Moon Zero Two' though. Can you help there Christopher?

  3. I don't like the hood in the second shot, it spoils the whole effect for me. Hmm...wonder if that chair was recycled for the first Men In Black film? LOL...

    Love the first pic, it's a classic glamour shot. The id/rank badge is pretty cool, too.

    I want to see this film even more now!

    Gordon Long