Monday, August 9, 2010


Here's a silly little puff piece from my scrapbook of TV Guide clippings, published just prior to the debut of Battlestar Galactica, showcasing some of the culinary "masterpieces" (ha!) created as props for the Carillon banquet sequences in the pilot film. The write-up is rather smug and condescending (although it's hard not to be, with such absurd photos), comparing the upcoming series to Star Trek and Quark!

Funny how things change. In recent years, TV Guide has really embraced sci-fi fandom with special issues, collectible covers, etc.

(Click on image to see it bigger.)

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  1. A lot of fuss over something you couldn't actually see. Several exotic aliens were also eliminated from the final version of the pilot, probably because they made the casino look too similar to the cantina from Star Wars.