Thursday, August 12, 2010


As a reader notified me in the comments section of the previous Message From Space post, apparently there is an authorized, English-dubbed DVD of the movie now available from Toei/Eastern Star. It's listed at Amazon, although at the moment, the listing states that the title is temporarily out of stock.

Here's the link: Message From Space.

I've checked out a couple of online reviews for the disc, and it appears that the film is presented in its correct widescreen aspect ratio and is sourced from a reasonably decent print.

I can't afford it right now, but I've got it on my Wish List, and will try to get my hands on it one of these days. I have a particular fondness and fascination with these foreign Star Wars imitators. The cultural differences - magic walnuts! - are interesting to me.

It's also astounding to me that in the ten months since I started this blog, so many long-desired titles that seemed unlikely to ever become available legally in the U.S. have come out or been announced on DVD and Blu-Ray. When I began this blog, I had virtually no hope whatsoever of ever owning a legit release of Starcrash (in HD, no less!) or Message From Space or the 70s Gene Roddenberry pilots. But all of them are now, or soon will be, on legal discs.

Not that I'm taking any of the credit, of course... no, really, I'm not!


  1. I loved "Message from Space" as a kid. It helped ease the pain between Star Wars movies. I guess that I was always a fan of Japanese movies and the Tesla weapons that they used. I will definitely own this one!

    1. Message from Space was a product of Japanese cinematic technology - who else could every film goer expect?