Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Root of All Evil

I got an e-mail from a reader of this blog who noticed that I had recently added a Paypal "donation" link/"tip jar" to the Space: 1970 sidebar. "You expect people to pay to read your blog, now?" this reader asked, obviously not inclined to do so.

Well, no. I don't expect anyone "to pay to read this blog." I added the aforementioned link at the suggestion of a fellow blogger, and because I figured it couldn't hurt. But I honestly don't expect anyone to tip me for my efforts here - I can't imagine anyone tips pop culture bloggers at all. I don't write about this sci-fi stuff for any reason other than I feel like it, and would probably do so, even if no one read it.

That said, if someone did want to express their appreciation for these obsessive excursions into nostalgia with a few spare cubits/credits/bucks, I wouldn't object terribly. I'd really like to buy the Warners Archive DVDs of Genesis II and Planet Earth (at $25 bucks/per, they're beyond my budget these days), for instance. And any donations toward the Space: 1970 "Fund," would go solely to gathering more material for this site...

But nobody expects anyone to tip this blogger, and I'm not going to pull that lame blackmail b.s. that I've encountered on other sites ("If you don't pay, I can't afford to keep this site going..." whaah.) I'll be updating this blog as long as I can keep coming up with stuff to write about - and that should be a good, long while yet.

If someone's crazy/generous enough, though - the button is right over there on the right, a little more than halfway down....


  1. While I can't afford to donate, I CAN save you $30...
    Genesis II
    Planet Earth
    Strange New World
    The complete Roddenberry Future Pilot Trilogy!
    only $19.39 each (& FREE shipping)
    Does that count? ;-)

  2. I look at it this way,how much would you pay for your favorite magazine? If a blog contains content one enjoys,asking ones readers for donations is a good thing. Your site has helped me to reconnect with my love of science fiction from a special time in my life.

  3. Though it's not cubits I do have this for you.