Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Astronauts in Hell

Over on my DVD Late Show site today, I have reviews of Shout! Factory's fantastic new Blu-Ray releases of the Roger Corman Alien rip-offs, Galaxy of Terror and Forbidden World. I haven't covered much "space horror" here, despite that fact that both Alien and these imitators fall into the timeframe covered on this site, not so much because I don't like the subgenre (because I do!), but because these films don't really seem to fit in with the overall tone of what I usually write about here.

If you'd like to see what I thought of these particular sci-fi horror flicks, you can read my reviews of the new releases here.


  1. Helz to the yeah, love this film!

  2. This movie was in constant rotation back in the early 80's on our movie channel, I used to watch it at every opportunity, I haven't seen it since and am totally looking forward to receiving the Blu-ray I just ordered from Amazon. I anticipate lots of nostalgic memories when I finally get my chance to see it again after nearly 27 years!!!!!!

    Dusty Abell

  3. Galaxy of Terror is such a great film! Can't get enough of it. In fact, inspired by your reviews, I finally ordered it from Amazon along with Danger: Diabolik and Forbidden World. Thanks!