Thursday, July 15, 2010

The BIG Science Fiction Show of the Year! (1979)

Here's an interesting advertisement that I clipped from the Waterville, Maine Morning Sentinel sometime back in the Summer of 1979 - a sci-fi double feature of The Shape of Things to Come and Roger Corman's Jaws knock-off, Up From the Depths. I'm guessing it was the "R" rating on the latter that screwed me out of seeing this particular double bill in the theater. Fortunately, Shout! Factory will be releasing Depths on disc later this year, so I'll soon be able to recreate this cinematic experience in my own living room.

That tiny little image from Shape of Things to Come sure makes the movie look a lot more interesting than it really is.... I wonder where it comes from? I've seen a lot of one-sheets for the flick, but never seen that particular image anywhere else.


  1. The "Shape of Things to Come" art is a rip-off of the movie poster for "Doc Savage: the Man of Bronze"!
    Neither the hero (Nicolas Campbell) or heroine (Eddie Benton aka Anne-Marie Martin) dress like THAT!
    Two bits of sci-fi trivia about Eddie/Anne-Marie
    1) She married Michael Crichton (Andromeda Strain/Jurassic Park, etc) in 1987. (Divorced him in 2003.)
    2) She auditioned for the role of Princess Leia Organa!

  2. Personally, I love Eddie/Anne-Marie. A beautiful woman with a flair for comedy and FANTASTIC legs. I liked her on SLEDGE HAMMER! and on BUCK ROGERS. Hell, I even like her in SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME....

  3. No idea HOW I missed this originally.

    Bro, I've been trying to remember the name of Up from the Depths for YEARS. I saw it on HBO back in either late 79 or early 80, and watched it every time it was on (mainly for Virgil Frye--he got all the best lines.)

    Thanks SOOO much for this post!

    (who's obviously gonna have to make another Xmas contribution to the site)