Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dusty Abell's 70s Sci-Fi Art

Wow! Talented comics artist Dusty Abell is clearly a genuine 70s "Star Kid" -- and he recently e-mailed me to share a couple of fantastic pieces of artwork he's done to celebrate the era that Space: 1970 covers. One is a gorgeous rendition of the television sci-fi and superheroes of the 1970s (partial detail above), while the other is a nostalgic look at the great live-action Saturday Morning kids' adventure shows (partial detail below) that we all grew up on.

If you haven't already had the good fortune to view these ambitious pieces, use the links above and check out the FULL-SIZED versions! Of course, everyone reading this blog can name all the characters/shows pictured, right?

Art © Dusty Abell.


  1. Very, very awesome... but, he left out STAR BLAZERS!

  2. Fantastic artwork! However, one omission is Planet of the Apes which was not only a film series but a (sadly) short lived TV series in the 70's.

  3. On the full-sized piece, there's a gorilla soldier from the PLANET OF THE APES television series. I don't think Dusty missed a thing ! He even has David McCallum's Invisible Man in there....

  4. I stand corrected! I had not clicked on the full size version which is amazing. Even the Cathy Lee Crosby version of Wonder Woman! Talk about obscure!