Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Space Odyssey

Obviously, there's been a burst of activity here over the last few days, both in the posting of articles and in traffic. I doubt I'll be maintaining this pace - I have a very full plate this Summer with freelance writing assignments and my weekly DVD reviewing gig - but I'll try to keep things coming here fairly regularly.

The reason for the small flood of posts recently is that I've been struggling with a comic book script rewrite (actually, a literal rewrite, as the original file was somehow lost, along with its backup), and with the heatwave we've been having here in non-air-conditioned Central Maine, it's been rough going. So, the other night, frustrated beyond tolerance, I took a break from that assignment and ended up looking at the great number of Space: 1970 articles that I had started and/or planned over the last few months but hadn't yet finished.

Some of these, like the "Favorite Episodes" post about Buck Rogers (which I started writing back in March!) was pretty far along, others were just images or videos in my files that I'd stumbled across and thought would be interesting to share with the readers of this blog, but hadn't gotten around to posting yet.

So, in an effort to give my mind a break from the project that was so stressing it, I decided to see how many of those articles I could finish up quickly, and get them published to the site. Apparently, it was quite a few, and I have several more completed (including July's belated "Space Babe") and pre-loaded to post over the next week.

I also (not coincidentally) found many of my old 1970s spaceship models over at my folks' place, and plan to photograph them this weekend for eventual display on the site. I have no idea how interesting that'll be for you guys, but I'm amazed that these kits I assembled with my 15-and-16 year-old hands still exist - and some are even intact - after thirty years! I just celebrated my 45th birthday, and it pleases me that something I spent so much time and energy on when I was a kid is still here for me to enjoy and share with my blog pals.

When I started this blog last Autumn, I didn't expect much from it and didn't think I'd be updating it very often. I have several other other blogs with small followings, and they're great diversions/creative outlets, and I still try to keep them going. But I guess Space: 1970 is the one that I get the most satisfaction out of, and from the traffic and the list of followers, it appears that you people get something out of it, too.

So, hang around. Some months may be a little slow, but I don't foresee ever running out of stuff to write about here. I've only barely touched on all the comics and books and magazines that I read back in my space-obsessed childhood, and there are plenty of movies (Battle Beyond The Stars, The Black Hole), TV shows (Space: 1999, Quark), TV specials (The Martian Chronicles), and franchises (Planet of the Apes) that I've hardly even mentioned or not touched on at all yet.

All I ask of you folks is that if you enjoy the blog, please link to it, blog about it, and, most of all, participate in the fun by commenting on the articles. It helps a lot to know that there are other "Star Kids" of my generation out there who remember and love the same stuff I do.

Thanks again for stopping by.


  1. I love your blog, and have been following it for a few months now. Thanks so much for helping me relive the glory days of sci-fi!

  2. i'll be enjoying it while it lasts, knowing eventually it will taper off a bit, but man the last weeks been full of fun stuff! Favorite episode posts appeal a lot to me, brings back a lot of great memories, and i'm sure a number of us are on the same page regarding favorite episodes. Interested to see which Galacitica shows get your attention first. Maybe a profile on "guilty pleasure" episodes, ones that aren't fantastic or anything but just plain fun to watch. ("Fire in Space") was always a hammy favorite of mine. Maybe worst episodes too, Space 1999 has a few of those...........

  3. I'm digging Space 1970 and I've added it to my blog roll at Exonauts! This is a regular stop for me!