Friday, July 23, 2010


I've been meaning to write about TRON here for a while, but hadn't quite gotten around to it yet. But there's a new trailer out for the new, 3D IMAX sequel, TRON LEGACY (so glad they didn't call it TR2N or TRON 2.0), and I've got to say, it looks like they've actually got this "revisiting a classic" thing right.

To me, that means respecting the efforts of the original filmmakers, not just taking a title and doing whatever the hell you want with it. I really loved TRON when I saw it in '82, and still think it holds up surprisingly well as a SF adventure film, so I was skeptical about the sequel.

But - Bridges and Boxlietner both return, there's the original TRON coin-op, Flynnn's Arcade... and even a sweet Black Hole reference (rumor has it that these filmmakers will be tackling that one next). You can check out the new trailer here.


  1. I was going to mention the exact reconstruction of Flynn's arcade making me geek out, but you caught it at the end of your post. I also liked seeing Bridges at two different ages. This is certainly my next must-see movie, even beating out Green Hornet. And I'm definitely hitting this in 3D. Hadn't heard about the Black Hole movie rumor, I hope they do it as a sequel too.

  2. This is my "Must See" movie for this year, and it has been ever since they teased it at last year's Comic Con.

    And yes, I will even pony up the scary money to see this one in 3-D at an Imax, no matter how far I have to drive to find one.

  3. I was a bit confused with the Tron arcade machine. That's the game of the movie, not the game in the film. In the story, Tron was a hacker program, not a game. It was like they were breaking the fourth wall or something.

    I'm also hoping that it's not a case of taking what was a visually inventive kids film and man-baby-ing it up to be darker and more 'mature'.

    1. I think it was just meant as a little Easter Egg for the older fans. In the movie universe, the game was not based on the film but was something Flynn invented based on his experiences in the electronic world. It's not a perfect fit, but it makes as much sense as the idea of zapping someone into a computer wonderland in the first place.

  4. Holy $hitballz.....that looks AWESOME! Along with the recruitment of the Pixar braintrust to help out storywise to strengthen some key character moments, this is turning into very much a must see for me as well.......i'm excited!

    Dusty Abell

  5. Story aside, I'm not crazy about the look of this film. In the original movie, the "processed" look of everything and everyone within the computer landscape gave a convincing sense of being in a different environment--and of the characters, including Flynn, being computer-generated beings. Here, the environment's filmed like a "normal" (if heavily CGI) setting, so it looks like what it is: people running around in costumes.

  6. I agree with Fred Herman, but I must say while actually watching the film I didn't have a problem with it. It didn't feel like the original film, but it still felt more unique than it ought to have based on the issues he mentioned. It was an effective movie, and everything worked well together for what it was.