Tuesday, December 11, 2012

CUE Magazine (1975) - SPACE: 1999 vs STAR TREK

This made me smile. New York area entertainment magazine, Cue ("Seven Leisure Magazines in One"), from December of 1975. Artist unknown (to me, anyway). I particularly like Barbara Bain with the space bazooka....


  1. LOVE the artwork! Gonna share it on Facebook with other 1999 fans, if you don't mind. :)

  2. The article under the cover was penned by no less a luminary than Issac Asimov...and it ripped 1999 to shreds!
    You can read it at The Space:1999 Catacombs... http://www.space1999.net/catacombs/press/vxasimov2.html

    1. Even at the time I never saw much point in in the arguments between the Star Trek and Space:1999 camps. The Star Trek science may be more plausible but it's not that good either. That's just the nature of TV. In any case I thought they were after different viewing bases.
      I know of one professional Engineer who dabbles in hard -i.e. scientifically accurate - SF and is a big fan of Space 1999. And yet-I have a strong science and technical background and I could never buy into it. But I absolutely love "UFO"-which is just as weak scientifically. Go figure. The real key is to tell a good story that will appeal to the target audience.

  3. I've been TRYIN' to grab this magazine off eBay for years now.. Finally found a small 5x7" photo reproduction of it a few months back.

    Will continue to hunt for it.

    I remember vividly all the anti-1999 discussion back in the day.

    I just felt like saying, 'suck it'. It's a damn good show, especially the 1st year.

    Whenever anyone makes a snide comment about any of the show's shortcomings, my typical retort is.., 'Yeah, I'm still trying to wrap my brain around the TRANSPORTER from Star Trek.. Like THAT'LL ever happen...'

    (...they typically quiet down after that...)

  4. I owned this one and used to drag it to various cons during my dealer days in the 1980s/1990s.

    Hated bringing it because every so often one of the more socially awkward trekkies would get enraged and bark at me the reasons why 1999 couldn't match trek. It was like they thought I asked the question.

    At one point I started saying "I don't care, go away!".

  5. The Enterprise got flipped over. Space 1999 is a funny show.