Thursday, December 20, 2012

STAR MAIDENS 1978 Annual

I finally have my first British sci-fi Annual in my Space: 1970 library! And it's all thanks to Star Kid Robin Groen, who generously sent me a copy of the 1978 Star Maidens Annual, published by Stafford Pemberton Publishing Co., Ltd.  As with most of these uniquely British collectibles, it's a slender hardcover with a number of prose stories, photos, articles, puzzles, colorful illustrations and a short comic story.

As I  have mentioned, I did order the Star Maidens DVDs from the U.K. a while back, and I will make a point of reviewing the short-lived series - which is actually pretty interesting in a decidedly 70s way - early in 2013.


  1. I recall trying to watch it once, right around the time 1999's 2nd year stopped being syndicated, seeing the same type of production/effects being used.

    Just a stretch too far for me.

    1. I don't understand what you're saying, I guess. What was it that was "too far" for you? 1970s special effects were pretty much all limited to the same technology: miniatures.

      Or was it the fact that both 1999 and Star maidens used some of the same designers? They did share a common aesthetic because art director/designer Kieth Wilson worked on both shows.

    2. I dunno, if I recall, it just seemed a bit too, well, 'euro-trashy' for me, just the music, effects, characters and story format.

      Definitely felt the Keith Wilson touch, but it seemed like an even weaker show than 1999 became by the end of Year 2.

  2. I was very happy to share my copy of the book as I enjoy this blog at least once a week. I've got a Star Maidens novelisation somewhere, I shall try to dig it out.

    You can read more about the Annual here

    I picked up the DVDs a few years ago, knowing nothing about the show except that it was 1970s sci-fi starring Gareth Thomas whom I knew from Blake's 7.

    OK, it's not a major work of art but I still found the show to be very enjoyable with a distinct style and sensibility.

  3. Theres also a paperback novelization of the tv series


  5. Oh it's a craptastic piece of work. Great models and INSANE writing. On a planet ruled by women, the ONE GUY they can't have makes them so nuts that they want to blow up the Earth. I watched this series when you mentioned it awhile back and it's goofy fun. Looking forward to your evaluation.