Friday, December 28, 2012

Hailing Frequencies Open!

Here's wishing the multi-talented Nichelle Nichols - the Star Trek franchise's first, best, and (with apologies to Ms. Saldana) sexiest Lt. Uhura - a very happy and joyous 80th birthday. Ms. Nichols was the Space: 1970 Space Babe for January, 2011.


  1. Want to see Nichelle play completely against type? Check out her turn as a foul-mouthed madam in 1974's Truck Turner opposite Isaac Hayes. Hilariously profane.

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  2. I'm a pretty huge STTOS fan, and I've NEVER seen these two photos before.......fantastic!

  3. I always wanted to hunt down that Ebony cover to matte/frame somewhere. Truely a lovely picture of Ms. Nichelle.