Sunday, December 9, 2012

Behind-The-Scenes Pix #32: THE BLACK HOLE

With the help of a pair of technicians, professional mime Tommy McLoughlin is encased in the black fiberglass body of the Cygnus' gunslinging Sentry robot S.T.A.R., for Disney's 1979 interstellar epic, The Black Hole. His mouth and chin are blackened as a precaution against his skin showing through breathing holes/slits in the mask.


  1. Sorry for shoehorning this here, but there's no other way to contact you, Christopher.

    I'm surprised in all these years that you haven't done an entry on The Final Countdown around Pearl Harbor Day. Sure, it's completely Earthbound and doesn't have much in the way of special effects, but IMHO, it's a superb story in the time travel genre, which is part of science fiction, and it came out in 1980, which places it in the Space: 1970 era.

    1. Well, there's about 40 ways to contact me online, including my home page (which is linked in the sidebar and my Google profile), but anyway...

      I'll get to The Final Countdown one of these days, even though it's not a movie that made much impact on me. I did review the Blu-ray edition at my DVD Late Show site a few years back, though.

  2. I think his mouth still shows up a bit in the movie if you look closely. I had the same problem with my Darth Vader helmet during Halloween. Some black nylon mesh fixed that. LOL

  3. Never saw this image before. Makes me wonder how many of these behind-the-scene images must exist for this movie that are yet-unseen. Maybe if we ever see this on blu-ray a nice gallery will be included. The Space:1999 blu-rays featured some stunning image galleries.

    Considering that The Black Hole was remastered in HD (it was available free on-demand last month through my cable DVR, and it looked stunning), maybe we'll eventually get treated to a blu-ray.

    I always love these behind-the -scene images.

  4. A childhood favourite of mine, and a movie I still love.
    When it gets the Blu ray treatment, I really hope they include some of the deleted scenes.