Wednesday, December 12, 2012

STAR WARS (1977) Marvel Comics Art By Howard Chaykin

I'm up to my ears in a comic script this week, and as I am neither a prolific nor speedy scribe, it isn't leaving me much time for writing blog posts... thus, my heavy leaning on image-centric posts again. Having space comics on the brain ('cause that's what I'm working on at the moment), I thought I'd share this gorgeous original art by penciler Howard Chaykin and inker Tom Palmer for the first issue of Marvel's Star Wars comic.

The printed version altered the art slightly (most notably in the addition of various spaceships) and was clearly colored by someone without access to any color reference material (a green Darth Vader? A ginger Leia?), but the B&W line art original is really beautiful.


  1. Was going through my comics earlier this week as my daughter is getting into them. I have almost all the first chunk of the series, including the one you show. My is a reprint and only worth $80. The original is $3500. Flipping through the ads inside for t-shirts and toys, brings back allot of memories of my childhood I had forgotten. I guess that's why we all visit your blog.

  2. My first comic was a gift from my fanboy brother -- a giant size Star Wars magazine that collected the first three issues of the Marvel adaptation. When I learned they were continuing the series I became a monthly reader. From there it was "The Micronauts", with its connections to the Marvel universe, which got me curious about super heroes. And the rest, as they say, is history!

    1. Yeah, the Micronauts were awesome. And even if they never had a movie or TV show (and why wasn't there a Micronauts cartoon in the 70s?), they might deserve at least one post here on the blog eventually.