Friday, December 21, 2012

Captain's bLog: Supplemental

•  I'm a big fat, lousy liar. I promised that if the world didn't end today, I'd post my long-delayed review of The Omega Man this afternoon. But I'm not going to do it. Not today.

Fact is, I'm not feeling well, and I just don't think I'm up to re-watching the movie, writing a long post, and then taking and formatting screenshots. Also, I have to make a long drive early tomorrow morning, so I think I need to get some rest this evening and hit the sack early tonight.

I'll try and get it posted right after the holiday (maybe before, but I'm not going to count on it). Your patience is appreciated.

•  In completely unrelated news, I received a copy of The Humanoid in the mail yesterday and watched it last night. I actually thought it was slightly better than its reputation.

The sets, locations, costumes and miniatures (derivative as many of them were) were surprisingly decent, and Barbara Bach as the evil Lady Agatha was just stunningly hot, even with her funky hairdo. Hell, I even liked the robot dog. My only real complaint is that there weren't enough space battles!

Ultimately, although it wasn't as much giddy fun as Starcrash, I enjoyed it, and am grateful to have finally seen it. One of these days (maybe after New Years), I'll write it up properly.


  1. Looking for to the Omega Man review, one of my favorite 70's sci-fi films. Glad you liked the Humanoid. It was much better than I figured it would be as well. The plot's a bit sketchy, but it was alright fun. It wasn't as much of a joy as Starcrash, but it was far better than the space films of Alfonso Brescia.

  2. Hope you feel better soon, Christopher. Illness is just another unwelcome reminder that we're not young anymore.

    You don't owe us anything. In fact, it could be argued that you shouldn't do anything unless you really want to do it. As the years roll by faster and faster, we should really take stock of what really counts in life, which includes doing what one enjoys. You should continue writing this blog only as long as you have fun doing it and not write out of a sense of obligation.. To quote Adam West in that TV Land promo from a few years ago, "Because life's too short to watch crap."

    I've donated a few bucks to this blog before and I encourage other readers to do so, especially in this season of giving.

    1. Thanks, T-Bird. No, I want to write about Chuck Heston vs the pseudo vampires; I just didn't know I was going to be ill on Friday, and the rest of my holiday weekend is pretty much booked up, time-wise.

      I'll get to it soon.

      I do take my blogging seriously, because I know that Space: 1970 has a comparatively large readership of people who -like me - enjoy the company (even if it's virtual) of other folks who remember all this great stuff.